The Gully (Atlantic)

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The Gully is a large underwater canyon in the Atlantic Ocean near the edge of the eastern continental shelf of North America. It is located east of Nova Scotia near Sable Island.

The Gully is 40 km long and 16 km wide and reaches depths of over 1 km. It is home to a resident population of Northern Bottlenose Whale, Purple sunstarfish and deep-sea coral. Other species of whales, dolphins, fish, squid and shrimp also live there. The Gully is threatened by offshore oil and gas.

In 2004, Canada designated The Gully a Marine Protected Area.

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Coordinates: 43°46′12.1″N 58°52′38.9″W / 43.770028°N 58.877472°W / 43.770028; -58.877472