The Hole (1997 film)

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The Hole
The Hole film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Hanja 圈套
Revised Romanization Olgami
McCune–Reischauer Olgami
Directed by Kim Sung-hong
Produced by Kang Woo-suk
Kim Se-chang
Written by Yeo Hye-yeong
Starring Yoon So-jeong
Choi Ji-woo
Park Yong-woo
Music by Kim Dong-seong
Cinematography Lee Dong-sam
Edited by Park Gok-ji
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release date
  • 1 November 1997 (1997-11-01)
Running time
100 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

The Hole (Hangul올가미; RROlgami; literally "The Trap") is a 1997 South Korean film directed by Kim Sung-hong.


Jin-sook has a close relationship with her son, Don-woo, and is surprised when he announces his engagement to Su-jin. After the wedding, the three end up living together, with a nervous Su-jin keen to impress her new mother-in-law. But Jin-sook is determined to sabotage her son's marriage.


  • Yoon So-jeong ... Jin-sook
  • Choi Ji-woo ... Su-jin
  • Park Yong-woo ... Dong-woo
  • Mun Su-jin
  • Lee Seung-woo
  • Jeon Hong-ryeol
  • Koo Hye-ryung
  • Youn Sung-hun
  • Tae Yu-rim
  • Kim Gye-pae
  • Seo Eun-sun
  • Kim Tae-beom
  • Gang Gyeong-ja
  • Lee Seok-hwan
  • O Hyo-seok


The Hole was released in South Korea on 1 November 1997 and received a total of 141,717 admissions in Seoul, making it the tenth biggest selling Korean film of that year.[1]

Critical response[edit]

David Cornelius of DVD Talk found the film somewhat limited in scope, saying, "The limitations placed upon the story prevent any broadening of ideas, leaving us only with a clichéd chunk of domestic thriller that plays out by the numbers". However, he also acknowledged that such limitations also helped the film in other areas, saying, "The Hole becomes very claustrophobic, with a tension that never lets up for the last forty-some minutes. It's grandiose and outrageous, yes, but it's also highly effective in building the right kind of scares".[2]


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