The House Beyond Your Sky

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"The House Beyond Your Sky"
AuthorBenjamin Rosenbaum
CountryUnited States
Genre(s)Science fiction
Published inStrange Horizons
Publication typeWeb Site
Publication date2006

"The House Beyond Your Sky" is a science fiction short story written in 2006 by American writer Benjamin Rosenbaum.

The story is about Matthias, a priest of an extremely ancient and highly advanced race of beings, who inhabit a cold and dying universe. Matthias maintains a library of virtual universes, including the one inhabited by humans. However, he has also begun to construct a new, real universe, attracting the attention of one of the most powerful members of his race. So, as he watches a sorrowful little girl with an abusive father in one of his virtual worlds, Matthias prepares for the arrival of this pilgrim, who has an interesting proposal.

"The House Beyond Your Sky" was nominated for the 2007 Hugo award for Best Short Story.

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