The Hunt (1963 film)

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The Hunt
Directed by Manoel de Oliveira
Produced by Manoel de Oliveira
Written by Manoel de Oliveira
Starring António Rodrigues Sousa
João Rocha Almeida
Cinematography Manoel de Oliveira
Edited by Manoel de Oliveira
Release date
Running time
21 min
Country Portugal
Language Portuguese

The Hunt (Portuguese: A Caça) is a 1963 short Portuguese film directed by Manoel de Oliveira.[1] The film is a grim, surrealistic short narrative film that contrasted with the positive tones of Oliveira's previous film. Due to censorship issues, Oliveira was forced to add a "happy ending" to the initial release of the film and was unable to restore his original ending until 1988.[2] Because of this film and anti- Salazar regime comments Oliveira made after a screening of his previous film O Acto de Primavera, he was arrested by the PIDE in 1963. He spent 10 days in jail and was interrogated until finally being released with the help of his friend Manuel Meneres.[3][4]



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