The Laff Stop

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The Laff Stop was a comedy club, with locations in Texas and Montclair, California.

History and venues[edit]

The Laff Stop was created by Michael Callie and originated in Newport Beach, California and featured comics such as Steve Martin, David Letterman, Elayne Boosler, Bill Hicks and Robin Williams.[1] There were also Laff Stop clubs in Montclair, Ca, Palm Springs, CA and Austin, Texas (which changed its name to Cap City Comedy Club in 1996).[2]

The location in Houston, Texas was open since 1977, and was one of the most successful clubs through the 1990s. It closed on December 19, 2009, in a surprise announcement.[3] The Houston Laff Stop changed locations a few times during its existence, the last stop becoming an upstairs strip mall location at Waugh and Allen Parkway. The previous location on West Gray Street is now a bar called Local Pour. The club later served as a starting point and hometown club for such acts as Ralphie May and Brett Butler.[citation needed]

In media[edit]

Albums and videos recorded at the Laff Stop include:


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