Strategic Grill Locations

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Strategic Grill Locations
Strategic Grill Locations.jpg
Live album by
ReleasedSeptember 7, 1999
VenueThe Laff Stop, Houston
GenreStand-up comedy
LabelComedy Central
ProducerJack Vaughn
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Strategic Grill Locations
Mitch All Together
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Strategic Grill Locations is a comedy album from Mitch Hedberg. It is a recording of a performance at The Laff Stop comedy club in Houston, Texas, on September 7, 1999. The album was originally self-published by Hedberg and sold through his website and at shows. In conjunction with the release of his second album, Mitch All Together, the Comedy Central label also re-released this album, editing out some jokes that did not get much reaction. This re-release was packaged in a digipack. The original release featured a different cover.[2]

Like Mitch All Together, the title Strategic Grill Locations is taken from a joke that does not actually appear on the album:

See I'm a dreamer, man, and when I was a cook I'd always work with people who weren't dreamers. Like, I was cooking at this restaurant and I put a hot dog on the grill and my kitchen manager came over, and he said, "Mitch, put the hot dog up here, in the right hand corner of the grill, so in case you get a whole bunch of orders at once you have all this space available." See that's how I knew he wasn't a dreamer, 'cause the day I give up my dreams is the day I have strategic grill locations. A dreamer has a philosophy: The entire grill is hot.

Strategic Grill Locations contains 21 tracks of mostly one-liners. Tracks contain a series of both related and unrelated jokes, and are named for one of them. Hedberg's performance is accompanied by Chuck Savage on double bass.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The CD Jokes" - 2:36
  2. "Koalas" - 3:08
  3. "Highlights" - 2:08
  4. "You Were Good" - 2:00
  5. "Shaving Too" - 2:12
  6. "Minibar" - 2:58
  7. "Beret and Pancakes" - 1:49
  8. "The Velcro Wallet" - 2:41
  9. "Dry Clean Only" - 1:27
  10. "Gambling" - 2:25
  11. "My Necklace" - 2:45
  12. "Acting" - 2:59
  13. "Lynn" - 2:45
  14. "Tomatoes" - 2:39
  15. "Six People Isn't Convincing" - 2:55
  16. "Cookies" - 3:13
  17. "Oatmeal" - 2:44
  18. "Smackie the Frog" - 2:50
  19. "Frogs and Bears" - 3:00
  20. "Fire Exit" - 3:12
  21. "The Dufrenes" - 1:21


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