The Legend of 1900 (soundtrack)

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The Legend of 1900
Soundtrack album by Ennio Morricone
Released 1998
Label Sony

The Legend of 1900 is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name (Italian: La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano, The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean). All of the tracks except for two are by Ennio Morricone. The other songs are "Lost Boys Calling" by Roger Waters and Morricone[1] and "Magic Waltz", that has been written by Amedeo Tommasi. There have been two versions of the album released. There was an original release of the album where there were 29 songs, and another release that had 21 songs.[citation needed]

The film Seven Pounds (2008) uses the song "The Crisis".[citation needed]

Original track listing[edit]

  1. "Playing Love"
  2. "The Legend Of The Pianist On The Ocean"
  3. "The Crisis"
  4. "Peacherine Rag"
  5. "A Goodbye To Friends"
  6. "Study For Three Hands"
  7. "Tarantella In 3rd Class"
  8. "Enduring Movement"
  9. "Police"
  10. "Trailer"
  11. "Thanks Danny"
  12. "A Mozart Reincarnated"
  13. "Child"
  14. "Magic Waltz"
  15. "The Goodbye Between Nineteen Hundred And Max"
  16. "Goodbye Duet"
  17. "Nineteen Hundred's Madness No. 1"
  18. "Danny’s Blues"
  19. "Second Crisis"
  20. "Big Foot Ham"
  21. "The Crave"
  22. "Nocturne With No Moon"
  23. "Before The End"
  24. "Playing Love"
  25. "Ships And Snow"
  26. "Nineteen Hundred's Madness No. 2"
  27. "I Can And Then"
  28. "Silent Goodbye"
  29. "5 Portraits"
  30. "Lost Boys Calling"

Re-release track listing[edit]

  1. "1900's Theme"
  2. "The Legend Of The Pianist"
  3. "The Crisis"
  4. "The Crave"
  5. "A Goodbye To Friends"
  6. "Study For Three Hands"
  7. "Playing Love"
  8. "A Mozart Reincarnated"
  9. "Child"
  10. "1900's Madness # 1"
  11. "Danny's Blues"
  12. "Second Crisis"
  13. "Peacherine Rag"
  14. "Nocturne With No Moon"
  15. "Before The End"
  16. "Playing Love"
  17. "I Can And Then"
  18. "1900's Madness # 2"
  19. "Silent Goodbye"
  20. "Ships And Snow"
  21. "Lost Boys Calling"


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