The Little Panda Fighter

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The Little Panda Fighter
The Little Panda Fighter (2008) DVD cover.jpg
Amazon Video cover art
Directed byMichelle Gabriel
Produced byMauricio Milani
Written byAle McHaddo
StarringRaul Schlosser
Sidney Ross
Music byRenato Lemos
Edited byPaulo Rebouças
Distributed byMorningstar Entertainment[1]
Release date
  • November 18, 2008 (2008-11-18)
Running time
51 minutes

The Little Panda Fighter (titled Ursinho da Pesada in Brazil and previously titled Heavy's Little Bear) is a 2008 Brazilian direct-to-video computer-animated sports action comedy film directed by Michelle Gabriel. The film has drawn criticism as a mockbuster of the DreamWorks Animation film Kung Fu Panda.


A giant panda named Pancada works at a boxing club. He has dreams of one day becoming a professional dancer, and is in love with a waitress named Beth. His boss, a polar bear named Polaris, is scheduled to fight a large bear named Freak Teddy. Pancada visits his dancing instructor, Master Xin, who teaches him about loyalty. The following day, Polaris has found a black costume, and tells Pancada to wash it for him. The costume shrinks in the wash, resulting in Polaris having the appearance of a panda bear. As Polaris begins the fight with Freak Teddy, Pancada goes to a dance competition, wherein he ends up winning.

Polaris wins the match against Freak Teddy, and because of his panda-like appearance, the club's patrons mistakenly congratulate Pancada for being a powerful fighter. Pancada, having won the dance competition, erroneously believes that he is being congratulated for his dancing skills. Before Polaris leaves for a vacation, Pancada himself enters the ring to fight Freak Teddy and loses. Polaris informs Pancada that he had made a bet that Pancada would lose the fight, and therefore, he becomes wealthy. After Polaris retires to the icy mountains, Pancada transforms the boxing club into a dance club.


Character name Brazilian voice actor English voice actor
Pancada Raul Schlosser Dan Green[2]
Polaris Sidney Ross David Brimmer
Beth Claudia Victoria Erica Schroeder
Freak Teddy Claudio Satrio Dan Green
Master Xin Charlie Mambertt Mike Pollock
Grizzlepuss Sidney Ross Maddie Blaustein


The film was produced by animation studio Vídeo Brinquedo to coincide with the film Kung Fu Panda. The similarities that the film has with Kung Fu Panda have brought many to consider it a mockbuster, a characteristic associated with many of Vídeo Brinquedo's films.[1][3] The film's animation was completed by Paulo Biagioni, Renato Fujie, Arturo Hernández, and its director, Michelle Gabriel.

Release and reception[edit]

The film was released on DVD on November 18, 2008.[4]

The film was panned by critics. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a "rotten" score of 17% based on 99 user ratings. A columnist for the website Nster News wrote, in comparison to Kung Fu Panda, that The Little Panda Fighter is "a trashy uninspired rip-off with a similar plot and lower budget".[5] The Little Panda Fighter has been criticized for being similar to Kung Fu Panda which came out a few months before and in the same year as the release this film. In a review of the film, Mike Jeavons of Channel Awesome stated that "the animation is terrible, the dialogue physically hurts, and the story is contrived and barely feels complete enough to fill the 50-minute runtime. The music is bad, the whole thing lacks imagination, and the characters and their motivations are awful".[6]


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