The Macintosh Way

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The Macintosh Way
Author Guy Kawasaki
Country United States
Language English
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Scott, Foresman and Company
Publication date
ISBN 0-673-46175-0
OCLC 19814888
338.7/61004165/0973 20
LC Class HD9696.C64 A865 1990
Followed by Database 101

The Macintosh Way was the first book written by former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Subtitled "the art of guerilla management", the book focused on technology marketing and management and includes many anecdotes culled from Kawasaki's experience during the early development of the Macintosh.

The author wrote of the book on his website: "This book was my first child. I wrote it because I was bursting with idealistic and pure notions about how a company can change the world, and I wanted to spread the gospel." He re-acquired rights to it after it had gone out of print and released it online as a free download.

The book features a foreword by Jean-Louis Gassée.

Chapter listing[edit]

  1. First blood
  2. Macintosh days
  3. Environment
  4. Great products
  5. Support
  6. Marketing
  7. User groups
  8. Evangelism
  9. To Market, To Market
  10. The Printed Word
  11. Working With The Mothership
  12. How to Give Good Demo
  13. Presentation Manager
  14. Trade Show Mavenship
  15. How to Drive Your (MS-DOS) Competitors Crazy
  16. The Macintosh Guide to Dating and Marriage
  17. Sayonara

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