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The Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre
Founded 1886

The Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre is a charity in England that promotes animal welfare. It was established in 1886 for the benefit of “the lost and starving dogs and cats of London so that they should have sanctuary from the cold inhumanity they are being dealt outside”.[citation needed]


Today, The Mayhew is one of the busiest animal sanctuaries in London, rescuing thousands of animals from cruelty and neglect each year. It provides shelter and care for cats, dogs, rabbits and when the need arises, for a wide variety of other animals.

The Mayhew Animal Home strives to tackle the companion animal welfare crisis from every possible angle. The organisation is pro-active, innovative and continually works to assist animals and their carers.[citation needed]

The Mayhew offers a wide variety of community services providing advice, care and assistance to animals and their carers whatever their circumstances. The Mayhew is working with Brent Council in 2016, to offer free dog microchipping at all ‘BARK in the Park’ events.[1]

The Mayhew Animal Home is a registered charity that receives no lottery or state aid.

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