The Missionary Position (band)

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The Missionary Position
Origin Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres Blues, hard rock
Years active 2009–present
Labels The Boredom Killing Business
Website The Missionary Position
Members Jeff Angell
Benjamin Anderson
Past members Kenny James
Gregor Lothian
Michael Alex (deceased[1][2][3])

The Missionary Position is an American rock band that creates a mix of hard rock, blues and funk influences into their music. The band is from Seattle, Washington in the United States.


Following the demise of Angell's band Post Stardom Depression, he formed The Missionary Position with an old friend and fellow Seattle musician, Benjamin Anderson. When Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson began playing a Thursday night residency at a club in Seattle, Washington, they hadn't yet settled on a name. Those Thursday lounge nights were billed as The Missionary Position, and Angell said people thought that was the band's name. So rather than fight it, Angell and Anderson embraced what the steadily growing number of Thursday night fans already had—they were now in The Missionary Position.

In 2009 they recorded Diamonds In A Dead Sky and released it on the band's label The Boredom Killing Business. The band supported the release by touring nationally.

The song Let's Start A Fire was used for the Independent Film Channel's promotional campaign for its series Indie Screams.

In 2012 The Missionary Position released their second album titled Consequences.


2009 Diamonds In A Dead Sky The Missionary Position
2012 Consequences 'The Missionary Position


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