The Mole (Australian season 3)

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The Mole
Season 3
Country of originAustralia
No. of episodes11, including a crossover episode with The Weakest Link
Original networkSeven Network
Original release20 February (2002-02-20) –
24 April 2002 (2002-04-24)[1]
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 2
Next →
Season 4

The third season of the Australian version of The Mole took place mostly in Gold Coast, Queensland and was hosted by Grant Bowler.


This season was similar to the previous Australian seasons of The Mole. A twist introduced this season is that not all assignments are assessed on a pass/fail scheme. In previous seasons a $10,000 assignment resulted in the team adding $10,000 to the pot, or failing, and adding none. In this season depending on the level of the team's success, they may win a portion of the prize, i.e. $4,000. It had an announced maximum prize to be won of $300,000, with the absolute maximum considerably more than that. The main difference was that it had a larger cast, twelve players rather than ten, and as such, two additional rounds of play. A notable and unique assignment in this season occurred during the fourth round of gameplay, and involved the players being blindfolded and taken to the set of The Weakest Link, with all money won added to the group kitty and the winner of the game given a free pass through to the next round. Filming took place throughout January and February in 2002, including the Weakest Link special episode. This season coincided with the Nine's 2002 edition of Australian Survivor (which aired an hour later on Nine) and produced poor ratings, leading to rumours the show would be cancelled.


Due to the series being based on the Gold Coast, no contestants from Queensland were considered. Instead, contestants from New South Wales (seven), South Australia (one) and Victoria (four) were picked. At the time of the airing of this season, seven contestants were under the age of 30, making this group one of the youngest groups on the Australian version of The Mole. These are the twelve contestants who were on the show:

Player Age Hometown Occupation Outcome
Janet Kesby 45 Balgownie, New South Wales Makeup Artist 11th Place
John Binning 72 Victoria Retired Businessman 10th Place
Yasmin Dunn 19 New South Wales World-class Swimmer 9th Place
Thao Nguyen 21 Bankstown, New South Wales Law Student 8th Place
Joe Ballota 26 St. Albans, Victoria Bodybuilder 7th Place
Pete Moore 22 St Ives, New South Wales Bodyboarder 6th Place
David Annand 33 Castlemaine, Victoria Stonemason 5th Place
Ann-Maree Weaver† 62 Petersham, New South Wales Real Estate Agent 4th Place
Robert "Bob" Young VII 37 Glendenning, New South Wales Truck Driver 3rd Place
Marc Jongebloed 25 Toorak, Victoria Lawyer Runner-up
Alaina Taylor 21 Cherrybrook, New South Wales Insurance Adviser The Mole
Crystal-Rose "Crystal" Cluff 21 Blaxland, New South Wales Model Winner

† Ann-Maree Weaver passed away on 6 January 2013 aged 72.[2]

Elimination Chart[edit]