The Mystery Trend

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The Mystery Trend
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Rock
Years active 1965-1967
Past members Ron Nagle
John Gregory
Larry Bennett
John Luby
Bob Cuff
Larry West
The Mystery Trend.

The Mystery Trend was a rock band from San Francisco, California. They were part of the early wave of bands in the "San Francisco Sound," with The Charlatans and The Great Society, and played with the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane early in their careers. Although they are categorized in the San Francisco Sound, they differed from other bands in the scene because they were not a folk rock group nor did they go psychedelic, but their sound was influenced more from the British rock and mod sound of The Kinks and The Who and the Motown sound writing of Holland-Dozier-Holland.


The Mystery Trend was formed in San Francisco's Art Institute in early 1965. They took their name from a misheard line in Bob Dylan's song "Like a Rolling Stone" (the line actually being "with a mystery tramp"). They were founded by keyboardist Ron Nagle and bassist Larry Bennett, who joined with guitarist Larry West, guitarist Bob Cuff, and drummer John Luby. They played at various venues, including a disused roller rink in the Fillmore district, the Primalon, which was a hub for the early San Francisco music scene. They also performed at the Mime Troupe benefit in November 1965. However, they did not record their debut single, "Johnny Was A Good Boy" until October 1966, and it was released in February 1967. By the time the single was recorded, West had departed from the lineup, and after its recording Cuff also left the band. He was soon replaced by John Gregory. This lineup failed to release any more singles or an album, but continued playing live until they broke up in the summer of 1967, which was the Summer of Love in San Francisco. Their first single continued to be the band's only release until 1999, when a compilation album, So Glad I Found You, was released. This album contained the complete studio recordings of the band.


  • Ron Nagle - lead vocals, keyboards, clavinet
  • Larry Bennett - bass
  • Bob Cuff - guitar, backing vocals
  • John Luby - drums, backing vocals
  • Larry West - guitar
  • John Gregory - guitar, backing vocals



  • "Johnny Was A Good Boy"/"House On The Hill" - (1967) Verve single No. 10499


  • So Glad I Found You - (1999) Ace/Big Beat [UK] No. 190


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