The Olympicks

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The Olympicks
The Olympicks official logo
Background information
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2008–present
Labels Young Money, Cash Money
Associated acts Rick Ross
Members B.P.

The Olympicks is an American hip-hop record production and songwriting group that was formed in 2009, and is composed of members B.P., J-Fab, Flawless, and Knoxville. The group originated in Detroit, Michigan and have been involved in the production of various projects within the hip-hop music industry, including Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being,[1] Rick Ross' Teflon Don,[2] Triple C's Custom Cars & Cycles,[3] DJ Khaled's Kiss The Ring,[4] and most recently, Big Sean's Detroit[5] mixtape.


In the mid-2000s, each member of the collective had established himself as part of Michigan’s independent music scene. Knoxville and J-Fab gained national recognition following the success of Jim JonesSummer Wit’ Miami - produced by Knoxville.[6] J-Fab was selected to produce on former Shady Records artist Stat Quo's debut album, Statlanta.[7]

The goal of The Olympicks’ partnership was to create a “one-stop shop” that could cater to the production needs of any artist or project based on the different qualities of each member. Knoxville is considered to be the team’s “crate-digger,” and produces a sound which tends to incorporate soul samples and breakbeats. J-Fab’s production technique also makes heavy utilization of record samples, but uses more pop and techno influences to create various sounds across multiple genres. Finally, Flawless crafts universal R&B/Pop beats that are prevalent in today’s mainstream music.

The Olympicks have worked with both established mainstream artists as well as local and underground artists. The group was involved in Big Sean's early career, as they produced the single, "Bullshittin".[8] They also have a relationship with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group[9] and recently signed a song production deal with Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records.[10] They also produced "Out Of This World"[11] for A$AP Rocky's mixtape, LiveLoveA$AP.

Production discography[edit]



Triple C's - Custom Cars & Cycles
  • 07. "Throw It in the Sky"
  • 11. "Finer Things" (featuring Masspike Miles)
  • 12. "Chick'n Talk'n" (featuring Mack 10 and Warren G) [produced with The Dream Team]


Rick Ross - Teflon Don
Lil Wayne - I Am Not a Human Being


ASAP Rocky - Live. Love. ASAP
  • 16. "Out of This World"


DJ Khaled - Kiss the Ring
Big Sean - Detroit
  • 13. "Do What I Gotta Do" (featuring Tyga) [produced with Million $ Mano and Rob Kinelski]


Flowe E





Future - FUTURE - Extra Luv (Feat. YG)


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