The Opposite Side of the Sea

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The Opposite Side of the Sea
Studio album by Oren Lavie
Released January 27, 2007 (2007-01-27)
Genre Indie
Label Quarter Past Wonderful
Singles from The Opposite Side of the Sea

The Opposite Side of the Sea is the debut studio album from Israeli singer Oren Lavie. It was released in January/February 2007 in Europe without major success, and later released on March 10, 2009 in the United States via Lavie's own label Quarter Past Wonderful, named under the song of the same name. The label signed a distribution deal with Adrenaline/Rocket science in order to promote the album.

Before its physical release, the album was available for digital download on January 29 at the iTunes Store.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Oren Lavie.

iTunes Edition
No. Title Length
1. "Her Morning Elegance" 3:35
2. "The Man Who Isn't There" 3:35
3. "The Opposite Side of the Sea" 3:15
4. "Locked in a Room" 4:40
5. "Ruby Rises" 3:32
6. "A Dream within a Dream" 3:38
7. "Trouble Don't Rhyme" 3:13
8. "A Short Goodbye" 3:24
9. "Don't Let Your Hair Grow Too Long" 2:20
10. "Blue Smile" 3:44
11. "Unhidden Track: A Quarter past Wonderful" 2:12

Release history[edit]

Region Date
Austria January 27, 2007
United Kingdom February 5, 2007
United States March 10, 2009