The Paper Brigade

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The Paper Brigade
VHS cover
Directed by Blair Treu
Produced by David Anderson
Written by Denice K. Rice
Starring Kyle Howard
Robert Englund
Kylee Cochran
Chauncey Leopardi
Travis Wester
Music by Ray Colcord
Cinematography Brian Sullivan
Edited by David Blangsted
Distributed by Leucadia Film Corporation
Release date
  • October 9, 1996 (1996-10-09)
Running time
105 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Paper Brigade (also known as Gunther and the Paper Brigade) is a 1996 adventure/comedy film directed by Blair Treu. The film stars Kyle Howard and Robert Englund.


The film follows Gunther Wheeler (Kyle Howard), who moves from the large city of New York to the quiet suburb of Pleasant Valley, New York. When he needs money to buy tickets to a concert for a date with a girl (Kylee Cochran) he likes, he gets a job as a local paperboy. When several bullies try to take over his neighborhood, Gunther and his new friends must stand-up against them, and stop them with the help of Crazy Man Cooper (Robert Englund).


  • Kyle Howard as Gunther Wheeler, a city boy who moves to a small town
  • Robert Englund as Crazy Man Cooper, a reputed insane neighbor who Gunther befriends
  • Kylee Cochran as Allison Robbins, Gunther's crush
  • Chauncey Leopardi as Charlie Parker, Gunther's nerdy neighbor and fellow paperboy
  • Travis Wester as Chad (a.k.a. Bully #1)
  • Matthew Ness as Fish, one of the neighborhood paperboys and a member of Charlie's group
  • Matthew Best as Gus, one of the neighborhood paperboys and a member of Charlie's group
  • Michael Stephenson as Luke (a.k.a. Bully #2), one of Chad's cronies
  • Christopher Marsh as Wylee (a.k.a. Bully #3), one of Chad's cronies
  • Joey Miyashima as Milkman
  • Braden Powell as Scooter
  • Lincoln Anderson as Mickey
  • Dennis Saylor as Mr. Litman
  • Michael Flynn as Mr. Wheeler, Gunther's father
  • Karon Cook (Double) for Mrs. Wheeler, Gunther's Mother
  • Ethan Glazer as Andrew Wheeler, Gunther's younger brother

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