The Positives (album)

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The Positives
Person L The Positives.jpg
Studio album by Person L
Released November 17, 2009
Recorded March 2009
Genre Indie rock, emo
Length 51:32
Label Academy Fight Song
Producer Aaron Marsh
Person L chronology
The Positives
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rock Sound 8/10[1]
Absolutepunk 85%[2]

The Positives is the second full-length studio album by American rock band Person L, released through Academy Fight Song on November 17, 2009.[3] The album was produced by Aaron Marsh of the band Copeland and the band completed recording the album in March 2009.[4][5] On November 12, the band released five songs to Purevolume for streaming,[6] followed by a full album stream on MySpace on November 14.[7] In support of the album, Person L toured with John Nolan and Brian Bonz.[8]

The first single from the album is "Untitled", which remained without a title as tribute to its simple nature. Frontman Kenny Vasoli said he'd prefer to concentrate on what the song was saying, rather than have "some weird thing that represents how I was feeling or something like that... It felt right that it didn't need a title. I wanted to say something that was very powerful and say it over and over again." Vasoli wrote the song at his home in Philadelphia, in his basement. After a four-minute period of creativity and a guitar hook, he came up with the song and it was said to be the spark he needed to put The Starting Line behind him and advance with Person L. Themes of personal growth and triumph over pain are intertwined through the song.[3]

Spin said the album features a "surprisingly diverse sound", something Vasoli calls "classic Person L". The magazine described the sound as a mix of garage rock and downtempo emo, touched with hints of R&B, rockabilly, and ambient influences. The diverse mix of sounds and genres was then compared to "the creative, boundary-pushing sound" of bands such as Jawbox and Fugazi.[3] Vasoli also refers to the change in sound from the band's first album, Initial; "As far as songs go, there aren't a whole lot of songs you can compare from the first record to the second," although he does say the "new album has similar vibes on it". He described The Positives as "more of an old school garage rock-and-roll sort of record" with a lot more "funk and soul".[9]

The album was released on vinyl in December 2009.[10]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hole in the Fence" — 4:53
  2. "Good Days" — 4:28
  3. "The Positives" — 2:50
  4. "Goodness Gracious" — 3:23
  5. "New Sensation" — 2:35
  6. "Stay Calm" — 4:40
  7. "Sit Tight" — 3:11
  8. "Loudmouth" — 3:22
  9. "Changed Man" — 6:09
  10. "Pleasure Is All Mine" — 3:23
  11. "Untitled" — 5:26
  12. "I Sing the Body Electric" — 7:12


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