The Rajah's Diamond

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The Rajah's Diamond
The Rajah's Diamond Cover.png
The Rajah's Diamond on "New Arabian Nights"
Author Robert Louis Stevenson
Country Scotland
Language English
Series Later-day Arabian Nights
Genre Detective fiction short story
Publisher London Magazine
Publication date
June–October 1878
Media type Print (Periodical)
Preceded by The Suicide Club

The Rajah's Diamond is a cycle of four short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson. First published in 1878 in a serial periodical London Magazine, they were republished in the first volume of New Arabian Nights. The stories are:

  • "Story of the Bandbox"
  • "Story of the Young Man in Holy Orders"
  • "Story of the House with the Green Blinds"
  • "The Adventure of Prince Florizel and a Detective"


Dramafilms released a movie entitled The Tame Cat (1921), based on these stories, directed by Will H. Bradley and starring Marion Harding and Ray Irwin.[1]

BBC Wales broadcast an operatic adaptation of The Rajah's Diamond (1979) by Alun Hoddinott, starring Geraint Evans and featuring the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.[2]

Publication history[edit]

  • Stevenson, Robert Louis (1878). The Rajah's Diamond (June–October ed.). UK: London Magazine. 
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis (September 1991). The Rajah's Diamond (Hardcover ed.). USA: Carroll & Graf. ISBN 0-88184-741-0. 


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