The Rebel Bear

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The Rebel Bear is a Glasgow street muralist of unknown identity sometimes referred to as "The Scottish Banksy". The artist cloaks their identity while publicly creating work via the donning of a bear costume  .[1] The Rebel Bear is perhaps best known for their Glasgow street painting Fear and Love, of a male-female couple both dropping their protective masks a bit from covering their noses and mouths, to engage in a kiss.[2][3]

Among their other works in Glasgow is a mural placed in an underpass making light of the mesmerizing power of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook[4] and a free Palestine/ free Wi-Fi' mural located at the top on Gibson Street, near the Glasgow University Library.[5]  

The Bear has gained worldwide attention for COVID-19 pandemic related art encouraging the wearing of protective masks (the celebrated aforementioned Fear and Love of a male-female couple both having lowered their protective masks to engage in a kiss) and thanking Frontline Healthcare workers (a nurse forming a heart with her hands on Ashton Lane in Glasgow[6]).[7]

The Rebel Bear also created a mural in the New York City borough of Brooklyn during a visit there called Rotten Apple. [8]

Works by The Rebel Bear have also appeared in Calais, France and London, England.[9][10][11]


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