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The Revels were an American rock band, associated with the 1960s surf music craze. Their most famous song was "Church Key".[1][2]


The group started in the mid-to-late 1950s as a high school band in San Luis Obispo, California [3] called Gil Serna & The Rockets, before changing their name to The Revels in 1959. Although their instrumental style predated the 1961-65 era of surf music, their success came during that period.

They are usually considered a "pre-surf" band and were the original Central California coastal instrumental band. Other bands from the area later included the more popular groups named The Sentinals and The Impacts.[3]

The Revels singles were collected on their sole album, Revels on a Rampage (1964).[4] They also composed music for the soundtrack of the 1961 film The Exiles.

Their 1961 song "Comanche" has been featured on two soundtracks.[5] It first appeared as the "Detoured Theme" in The Exiles.[2] It was later included along with several other Surf music hits on the soundtrack of the film, Pulp Fiction (1994).[6]

Another member, Norman Knowles, had offered to manage the Sentinals who had a hit with "Latin'ia".[3] In addition to managing The Sentinals he wrote "Church Key" and "Intoxica".[7]

Band members[edit]

  • Norman Knowles (saxophone)
  • Dan Arnold (rhythm guitar, 1959-60)
  • Merrell Fankhauser (rhythm guitar)
  • Brian England (bass)
  • Sam Eddy (piano)
  • Jim Macrae (drums),
  • Gil Serna (lead guitar, 1959)
  • Dave Davis (lead guitar, 1960)
  • Dean Sorensen (lead guitar, 1961-62)
  • Paul Sorensen (rhythm guitar, 1960-62)
  • Vince Tempesta (drums 1962)


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