The River of Time

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The River of Time
The River of Time (David Brin novel).jpg
AuthorDavid Brin
Original titleThe River of Time
GenreScience fiction
Publication date
Media typePrint

The River of Time (1986) is an anthology of science fiction short stories by American writer David Brin.


  • "The Crystal Spheres" (first published in 1984) (Winner of the Hugo Award in 1985 in the Short Story category)
  • "The Loom of Thessaly" (first published in 1981)
  • "The Fourth Vocation of George Gustaf" (first published in 1984)
  • "Senses Three and Six"
  • "Toujours Voir"
  • "A Stage of Memory"
  • "Just a Hint" (first published in 1980)
  • "Tank Farm Dynamo" (first published in 1983)
  • "Thor Meets Captain America"
  • "Lungfish"
  • "The River of Time" (first published in 1981 as "Coexistence" in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine)*

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