The Smart Aleck

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The Smart Aleck
Directed by John Guillermin
Produced by Roger Proudlock
Written by Alec Coppel
Based on play Mr Smart Guy by Alec Coppel
Starring Peter Reynolds
Cinematography Ray Elton
Edited by Robert Jordan Hill
Distributed by Grand National Pictures (U.K.)
Release date
March 1951 (U.K.)
Running time
58 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Smart Aleck is a 1951 British crime film directed by John Guillermin.[1]


Young Alec Albion plans successfully to kill his rich uncle with an ice bullet which will melt away, leaving no evidence. He gets an alibi by having the chief commissioner of police living in the same building as his chief witness.


Original play[edit]

Mr Smart Guy
Written by Alec Coppel
Date premiered 10 May 1941
Place premiered Minerva Theatre, Sydney
Original language English
Genre thriller

The script was based on a play Mr Smart Guy by Alec Coppel, who wrote it in England at the beginning of the war.[2] It had its world premiere in Sydney in 1941.[3] Coppel also adapted it for radio that year.[4]

The play was produced in England in 1947.[5]


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