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The Truth may refer to:

  • The truth in a particular context- a statement that is known to be correct —i.e. in accord with reality, as corroborated by evidence or related experience
  • Supreme reality, holding the ultimate meaning and value of existence

It is also used as a title for creative works and a nickname for individuals:

Print media[edit]





Film and television[edit]

As a nickname for individuals[edit]


  • The Truth (play), a play in four acts by Clyde Fitch, first performed in 1906 (some sources say 1907)
  • The Truth, a name used for the Two by Twos church, also commonly known as Meetings, Workers and Friends or The Way
  • The Truth, a disputed "meta-setting" of the roleplaying game SLA Industries
  •, the website for the anti-smoking organization called Truth
  • Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims and Christadelphians sometimes refer to their religion as "the truth"
  • The Truth (podcast), a storytelling podcast which makes "movies for your ears", it is a member of Radiotopia from Public Radio Exchange

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