The U.M.C.'s

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The UMC's
Also known as The U.M.C.'s
Origin Staten Island, New York City
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1991 (1991)–1994 (1994)
Labels Wild Pitch/EMI Records
Members Haas G
Kool Kim

The UMC's was an American hip hop duo from the borough of Staten Island in New York City.

The group was composed of Haas G and Kool Kim, who released the critically acclaimed full-length album Fruits of Nature in 1991, which garnered chart success with the duo's #1 Billboard Hot Rap Single "Blue Cheese" and #2 Hot Rap Single "One To Grow On." (which contains a sample from "Ursalena" by Bill Cosby) In 1994, the duo released its second album, Unleashed[1] but split up soon after.

Since the group's break-up, Haas G (under the names Hassan and Fantom of the Beat) has focused on producing music, most notably garnering a #1 hit for Lil' Kim featuring 50 Cent, with "Magic Stick". Kool Kim reinvented himself as the controversial underground emcee NYOIL.[2]



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