The Voice of Steel

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The Voice of Steel
Голос Сталі
Nokturnal Mortum - The Voice of Steel.jpg
Studio album by Nokturnal Mortum
Released December 26, 2009
Recorded 2006–2009 – May 2009 at OSF Studio in Kharkiv, Ukraine
Genre Black metal, Folk metal, Symphonic metal
Length 69:41
Language Ukrainian
Label Oriana Music
Producer Varggoth
Nokturnal Mortum chronology
Live in Katowice
(2009)Live in Katowice2009
Голос сталі

Голос сталі (English: The Voice of Steel) is an album by the Ukrainian black metal band Nokturnal Mortum, released in December 2009. The album was mixed at M.A.R.T. Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine during August and October, 2009. Mastering took place in the Mana Recording Studios, Florida, USA in November 2009.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Translation Length
1. "Інтро"     Intro 3:06
2. "Голос сталі" Dmytro Blyzno Varggoth The Voice of Steel 9:55
3. "Валькирия" Varggoth Varggoth Valkyrie 10:48
4. "Україна" Varggoth Varggoth, Saturious Ukraine 8:24
5. "Моєї мрії острови" Varggoth Varggoth, Saturious My Dream Islands 11:48
6. "Шляхом сонця" Varggoth Varggoth By the Path of the Sun 9:07
7. "Небо сумних ночей" Varggoth Varggoth, Saturious Sky of Saddened Nights 4:51
8. "Біла вежа" Varggoth Varggoth White Tower 11:48
Total length: 69:41


Nokturnal Mortum
  • Varggoth – vocals, guitar, cover design
  • Astargh – guitar, backing vocals
  • Vrolok – bass
  • Bairoth – drums, percussion
  • Saturious – keyboards, folk instruments
Additional musicians and production
  • Odalv – drums and percussion on Моєї Мрії Острови and Шляхом Сонця
  • W. Angel – clean vocals
  • Alafern – violin
  • Andriy Veriovkin – recording
  • Serhiy Kondratiev – mixing and acoustics on Небо Сумних Ночей
  • Brian Elliott – mastering
  • Viktor Titov – cover design
  • Sir Gorgoroth – artwork


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