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Nokturnal Mortum
Nokturnal Mortum.jpg
Nokturnal Mortum at Hell Fast Attack 2015
Background information
OriginKharkiv, Ukraine
GenresSymphonic black metal, folk metal, pagan metal, national socialist black metal
Years active1994–present
LabelsNo Colours, Nuclear Blast, Oriana Music
Associated actsTemnozor, Aryan Terrorism, Astrofaes, Drudkh, Hate Forest
MembersKnjaz Varggoth
Past membersSaturious

Nokturnal Mortum is a Ukrainian black metal band from Kharkiv. They were one of the founders of Ukrainian scene black metal and one of the most infamous of the eastern European NSBM groups.[1][2][3][4][5]


Nokturnal Mortum originally started as a death metal band called Suppuration in 1991,[6] then turned to black metal and changed name to Crystaline Darkness but "had to change the name back in 1993/94 to Nocturnal Mortum because there already existed a band with that name in western underground."[7] Then the band "changed a letter so that we wouldn't find a band with the same name again like it was the case with Crystaline Darkness."[7] Nokturnal Mortum gained their first Western recognition with the release of their album Goat Horns, their second full-length album, notable for having two keyboardists play on the album, often on the same song, and for mixing traditional Ukrainian music with black metal.

The band's first albums were released through The End Records and (as licence pressings) through Nuclear Blast,[8] but the label and the band separated after releasing the album Nechrist and a re-release of the Lunar Poetry demo due to a disagreement. According to Varggoth, "We had a contract with The End Records but it was broken. We have different points of view. They didn't like our policy, we didn't like the way they do business. They owe us some money. That was enough for a conflict."

Igor Naumchuk (Lucifugum) used to have close ties with Nokturnal Mortum which dedicated to him their album "To the gates of Blasphemous fire". Later all relations have been stopped due to the ideological disagreements. Despite this many people still consider these bands similar. [9]

In autumn of 2014 band frontman Knjaz Varggoth (real name Yevhen Gapon, Ukrainian: Євген Гапон) published the statement declaring that he and Nokturnal Mortum was out of politics in order to avoid rumors concerning his personal views and band ideology.[10] However, the band played live at the far-right Asgardsrei festival in December of 2016[11] and has played at several other far-right festivals since.

NSBM and criticism[edit]

In the beginning the band still described their music as "Lunar Black Metal".[12] Inside the cover of "Lunar Poetry", the band demanded the killing of Christians, the destruction of their churches, and the return to the gods of their fathers, and described Jesus as a "crucified hippie". From the EP Marble Moon on, the band showed an openly anti-semitic, neo-nazi stance[13].

They were a big part of the slavic NSBM sub-genre, using swastikas and praising the Holocaust in various side-projects' themes[14]. On the album Нехристь (NeChrist), this was also shown in texts like "The Call of Aryan Spirit", with lyrics such as: "Spit in Jewish faces, cut them into pieces"[15].

In interviews, appearances, and merchandise and on their website, the band showed far-right neo-nazi opinions and their music itself was described as "Pagan Black Metal".[citation needed] Statements and texts show neo-völkischer as well as neo-paganism ideas, and a tendency to ariosophy.

In 2008, the band's singer and guitarist, Knjaz Varggoth, claimed that he had no interest in political tendencies and had never viewed Nokturnal Mortum as a political band, though the band is still playing live on neo-nazi festivals and events, and supports the right wing Azov battalion[16] [17]



Live albums[edit]




  • 1996 – Veche (split Lucifugum)
  • 1997 – Path of the Wolf / Return of the Vampire Lord (split Lucifugum)
  • 2007 – Eastern Hammer (split Graveland, North, Темнозорь)
  • 2016 – The Spirit Never Dies (split Graveland)



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