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Grandaddy discography
Studio albums 5
Compilation albums 3
EPs 6
Singles 16
Other albums 4

Grandaddy is an American indie rock band from Modesto, California. They have released five studio albums, four self-released albums, four compilation albums, six EPs, sixteen singles and five split singles.

Studio albums[edit]

Title Release date Label UK[1] US[2] Notes
Under the Western Freeway October 1997 Will 131 Issued in the UK April 1998
The Sophtware Slump May 2000 V2 36
Sumday May 2003 22 84
Just Like the Fambly Cat May 2006 50 171 #10 US Independent Albums
Last Place March 2017 30th Century Records 18 150

Self-released albums and EPs[edit]

Title Release date Label Notes
Prepare to Bawl 1992 Hand-made cassette EP
Tracks: "Gold", "I Love Nothing", "I'm Not Buying", "Aviatress", "Cows", "Bobs Fast"
Recorded Live Amongst Friends and Fidget 1994 Cassette EP
Tracks: "Kim You Bore Me to Death", "Worship Pneumonia", "Mike Don't Eat the Pie Crust", "Centre of the Universe", "Call Girl Call", "You Drove Your Car Into a Moving Train"
Complex Party Come Along Theories 1994 Cassette-only release
Live at the Art Factory 1997 Cassette-only
Tracks: "Everything Beautiful Is Faraway", "Levitz", "Go Progress Chrome", "Street Bunny", "Summer Here Kids", "Wretched Songs"

Unreleased albums[edit]

  • Don't Sock the Tryer (1996)

Compilation albums[edit]

Title Release date Label Notes
The Broken Down Comforter Collection 1999 Big Cat
The Windfall Varietal 2000 Not commercially released, sold by the band at live shows
Concrete Dunes 2002 Lakeshore
Granddaddy September 2011 V2 2CD box


Album title Release date Label Grandaddy tracks Notes
Zum Audio Vol. 2 1998 Zum "Ghost of 1672"
Dream with the Fishes soundtrack 1997 Will "Why Would I Want To Die"
Unscrubbed: Live from the Laundromat III October 1999 Toy Gun Murder "Why Took Your Advice" (live)
We Are Now Flying @ 20,000 Feet 2000 Cavalier / Sensory Products "Wonder Why in LA" (live) Free with Sadness in the Sky magazine
We Are Now Flying @ 33,000 Feet 2000 Cavalier / Sensory Products "Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance" (live) Free with Sadness in the Sky magazine
Little Echoes Presents Sleeping Off Stolen Dreams 2000 Little Echoes "Rode My Bike to My Stepsister's Wedding" Longer version than released elsewhere
It's a Cool Cool Christmas 2000 Jeepster "Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland"
Trigger Happy TV Soundtrack to Series 2 2001 Channel 4 Music "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot"
Loose - New Sounds Of The Old West - volume 3 November 2001 Loose "Best of All Possible Worlds" Cover of the Kris Kristofferson song
Almost Famous: Undiscovered Modern Rock Hits January 2002 Lakeshore "Laughing Stock" Previously-unreleased version from Don't Sock the Tryer
I Am Sam soundtrack 2002 V2 "Revolution"
28 Days Later: The Soundtrack Album 2002 XL "A.M. 180"
Nothing Left to Lose: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson October 2002 Incidental Music "Best of All Possible Worlds" Cover of the Kris Kristofferson song
Wrong Turn (soundtrack) July 1, 2003 Lakeshore "Why Would I Want to Die"
X-Ray CD#07 August 2003 X-Ray "Now It's On" (XFM Session version) Free with X-Ray magazine
Below the Radio 2004 Ultra "Nature Anthem" Compiled by Jason Lytle
Live At The World Cafe Volume 18: I'll Take You There September 2004 WXPN "Now It's On" (live at the World Cafe)
Alive and Rare: KCRW May 22, 2006 V2 "The Go in the Go for It" (Live on KCRW)
Acoustic 07 2007 V2 "Rear View Mirror"
Kats Karavan - The History of John Peel on the Radio October 26, 2009 Universal "Hawaiian Island Wranglers" From a session for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show recorded 17/05/1998


Title Release date Label Notes
A Pretty Mess by This One Band April 1996 Will
Happy Happy X-Mas from Jason 1996
Machines Are Not She 1998 Big Cat Originally a mail order-only 12" release, available via an order form with early copies of Under the Western Freeway[3]
Tracks: "Levitz"/"For the Dishwasher"/"Lava Kiss"/"Wretched Songs"/"Sikh IN A Baja VW Bug"/"Fentry"
Signal to Snow Ratio September 1999 V2
Through a Frosty Plate Glass E.P. 2001
Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla September 27, 2005 #157 UK Album Chart
Things Anyway[4] October 13, 2017 30th Century Records Live and alternate versions of songs from Last Place
Tracks: “The Boat is in the Barn” (Home Piano Demo), “This is the Part” (Live and Hungover at WFUV), “Way We Won't” (Live at KUTX), “Brush With The Wild” (Way Out West Demo)


A-side Release date Label Formats & B-side(s) UK Singles
"Could This Be Love" 1994 Big Jesus 7": "Kim, You Bore Me to Death"
"Taster" 1995 Get Go 7": "Nebraska"
"Everything Beautiful Is Far Away" February 1998 Big Cat 7": "For the Dishwasher"
CD: "For the Dishwasher", "Glass Dusty"
"Laughing Stock" March 1998 7"/CD: "G.P.C.", "12-pak $5.99" 124
"Summer Here Kids" May 1998 7"/CD: "Levitz", "My Small Love" 91
"A.M. 180" October 1998 7": "Here"
CD: "For the Dishwasher"
104 "Here" is a live cover of the Pavement song
"The Crystal Lake" May 2000 V2 7": "Our Dying Brains"
CD: "Our Dying Brains", "First Movement/Message Send: ID#5646766"
"Hewlett's Daughter" August 2000 7": "LFO"
CD1: "XD-data-II", "Street Bunny"
CD2: "Wonder Why in L.A.", "Hewlett's Daughter" (mix)
CD3: "Wonder Why in L.A.", "Chartsengrafs"
"He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot." November 2000 12"/CD: "Wives of Farmers"
"N. Blender"
"The Crystal Lake" January 2001 7": "Rode My Bike to My Stepsister's Wedding"
CD1: "Moe Bandy Mountaineers", "She-deleter"
CD2: "The Crystal Lake (Chilly Mix)", "What Can't Be Erased", "I Don't Want to Record Anymore"
"Now It's On" 2003 7": "Trouble with a Capital T"
CD1: "Trouble with a Capital T", "Hey Cowboy, The Phone's for You"
CD2: "Getting Jipped", "Yeah Is What We Need" (video)
DVD: "Now It's Upside Down" (video)
"El Caminos in the West" 2003 CD1: "Beautiful Ground (Live - XM Satellite Radio)", "My Little Skateboarding Problem"
CD2: "Now It's On (Live – Colin Murray Radio Show/BBC)", "Derek Spears"
DVD: "El Caminos in the West" (video), "Derek Spears"
"I'm on Standby" 2004 7": "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake"
CD: "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake", "The Town Where I'm Livin' Now", "Fare Thee Not Well Mutineer" (video)
"Nature Anthem" 2004 Ultra 115
"Elevate Myself" 2006 V2 7": "Winners" 155
"Way We Won't" 2016 30th Century Records Digital: "Way We Won't", "Clear Your History"

Promotional releases[edit]

A-side/Title Release date Label Formats & B-side(s) Notes
"Our Dying Brains" 2000 V2 CD: "Wives Of Farmers", "Moe Bandy Mountaineers"
The Sophtware Slump Radio Sampler 2000 CD: "The Crystal Lake", "Hewlett's Daughter", "Miner At The Dial-A-View", "Broken Household Appliance National Forest"
"Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland" 2000 1-track CD; appears on It's a Cool Cool Christmas
Sumday - The Videos 2003 DVD: "El Caminos in the West", "Now It's On" DVD video single
Tour Sampler 2003 2003 CD: "Now It's On", "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake", "The Crystal Lake" Given away at live shows
Sampler 2003 CD: "Yeah Is What We Had", "Miner at the Dial-a-View", "Summer Here Kids", "Levitz (Birdless)"
Sampler 2003 CD: "El Caminos In The West", "Now It's On", "I'm On Standy", "Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake"
"Pull the Curtains" (radio edit) 2005 Radio CD-R
"Elevate Myself (Diskotik Mix)" 2006 CD, credited to 'Scrum Down Rookies vs. Grandaddy'
"Just Like the Fambly Cat)" 2006 CD

Split releases[edit]

Grandaddy tracks Release date Label Format(s) Split with Notes
"I'm in Love with No-One" 1998 Devil in the Woods 7" Morella's Forest/Dart/Shove EP titled Alone in a Room 2
Included free with issue #17 of Devil in the Woods magazine
"Too Many Nights in a Road House" 1999 Devil in the Woods/Horse Brand Industry Double 7" EP titled Noise Pop 99
"MGM Grand" 2000 62TV/Ines Boukov 7" John Wayne Shot Me
"Fishing Boat Song" 2000 Devil in the Woods 7" Persil/Beachwood Sparks Available with Devil in the Woods magazine
"Aisle Seat 37-D" June 2003 7" Verbena Available with Devil in the Woods magazine
"The Rugged and Splintered Entertainment Center" December 2003 Birdman/Good Records 7" The Polyphonic Spree


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