The Wrong Object

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The Wrong Object
Origin Belgium
Genres Jazz fusion, progressive rock, Canterbury scene
Years active 2002 – present
Labels Moonjune Records
Members Michel Delville
Laurent Delchambre
Antoine Guenet
Marti Melia
Pierre Mottet
Past members Fred Delplancq
Damien Polard
Jean-Paul Estiévenart

The Wrong Object is an avant-garde jazz fusion band from Belgium. Its current line-up is Michel Delville (who founded the band in 2002 and who has authored nearly all of its published work[1]) on guitar, guitar-synth, voice and compositions, Marti Melia on saxophones and clarinet, Antoine Guenet on keyboards, Pierre Mottet on bass and electronics, and Laurent Delchambre on drums. Former members include Fred Delplancq on tenor sax, Damien Polard on bass, and Jean-Paul Estiévenart (winner of the Django d'Or award for best young jazz musician in 2007) on trumpet.


The Wrong Object were created in early 2002 as a Frank Zappa tribute band,[2] and have since played some sixty gigs in venues ranging from small pubs to big festivals such as Zappanale (2004 and 2008),[3][4][4] the Gaume Jazz Festival,[5] the Jazz à Liège festival Jazz à Liège and the European Jazz Festival in Athens.[6] Some were augmented by guest performances by Elton Dean, Harry Beckett, Annie Whitehead, Jaap Blonk, Zappa's percussionist Ed Mann[3] and others.

After a mini-tour of the UK, the Wrong Object performed with Zappa's percussionist Ed Mann at the 2004 Zappanale festival. Their next projects, "Elton Dean & The Wrong Object" and "The Wrong Object feat. Annie Whitehead and Harry Beckett", were documented by CD releases from Voiceprint (Platform One) and Moonjune Records (The Unbelievable Truth, a collaboration with Elton Dean) in the spring of 2007. The Unbelievable Truth was included in Arnaldo de Souteiro's,[7] "Top Ten Jazz CDs of the Year 2007 (category: special projects)" of the Brazilian daily newspaper Tribuna da Impresa.[8]

The band is now managed by Leonardo Pavkovic at Moonjune Records and Management[9] in New York. In 2008, they released Stories from the Shed (with cover art by British artist Marc Atkins), their first studio album in more than five years. Throughout the year 2008, the CD has received positive reviews from publications including Jazzwise,[10][11] Guitar Player,[12] Signal to Noise,[13] Allmusic,[14] Musica Jazz (July 2008), Jazz Review,[15] Exposé (September 2008),[16] and others.[17] Their music has also been aired by radio channels all around the world;[18] in November 2007, the Dutch National Radio devoted a one-hour program to the band's discography and their collaborations with Elton Dean, Annie Whitehead, Harry Beckett and Alex Maguire VPRO.[19]

Since its creation in 2002, The Wrong Object have played in many different countries outside Belgium (including Britain (2004; 2007), Germany (2004, 2007, 2008), France (2005, 2006, 2007), Italy (2008), The Netherlands (2005, 2006, 2008), Luxembourg (2005), the Czech Republic (2007), Slovakia (2005), and Greece (2008). On 15 June 2008, the band first performed their "Ode to Paestum", recorded live in Paestum (Italy), next to the 6th century BC temple of Poseidon in collaboration with Biagio Francia (a.k.a. Blaise de France) and Alexandros Hahalis.


The band blend psychedelic jazz with modern rock sensibilities. Their music is influenced by artists ranging from Canterbury scene bands such as Soft Machine and Gong to Béla Bartók, Aka Moon, Charlie Mingus and Frank Zappa. While most of their repertoire is original, they also play some Zappa covers on demand.



  • The Unbelievable Truth (Moonjune Records, 2006), featuring Elton Dean
  • Platform One (Voiceprint, 2007), featuring Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead
  • Stories from the Shed (studio release; Moonjune Records, January 2008)
  • The Wrong Object feat. Stanley Jason Zappa: Live at Zappanale (Fazzul, 2010)
  • After the Exhibition (Moonjune Records, 2013)



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