The Zoo Gang (film)

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The Zoo Gang
The Zoo Gang (film) poster.jpg
Directed by Pen Densham
John Watson
Produced by Pen Densham
Jason Watson
Written by Stuart Birnbaum
Pen Densham
John Watson
Starring Robert Jayne
Tiffany Helm
Jason Gedrick
Jackie Earle Haley
Music by Patrick Gleeson
Cinematography Robert C. New
Edited by Martin Nicholson
James R.Symons
Distributed by New World Pictures(1985)(USA)(theatrical)
Starmaker Video(1996)(USA)(VHS)
Highlight Video
Release date
May 15, 1985
Running time
96 mins.
Country  United States
Language English

The Zoo Gang is a 1985 American teen film.


Tired of having nowhere to go for fun, Kate (Tiffany Helm), her brother Ricky (Robert Jayne), and friends Bobbi (Gina Battist), Danny (Eric Gurry) and Val (Marc Price) lease a dilapidated nightclub called The Zoo from an old drunk named Leatherface (Ben Vereen). The Zoo becomes their home away from home and an overnight success until the Donnelly Clan catches wind of it.

Little Joe Donnelly (Jackie Earle Haley) and his brawny, but dimwitted twin brothers are a walking, talking trio of nuisance; where they go, trouble is sure to follow. And when they enter The Zoo ripe for a fight, a fight is just what they get. They have pushed The Zoo Gang too far and the battle for the club is on. Will the Gang be able to save their new found club from the greedy hands of the Donnelly clan?[1]



The Zoo Gang was the first film to earn a PG-13 rating (though Red Dawn [1984] would be the first released).


Year Group Award Nominee
1987 Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Starring in a Feature Film - Comedy or Drama Young Artist Award Robert Jayne-Nominated


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