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Theatro Technis, Crowndale Road - - 675198

Theatro Technis is a 120-seat, townhouse theatre in London`s Borough of Camden. Founded in 1957 by its artistic director George Eugeniou together with a group of Cypriot Greek artists to serve the needs of the Greek Cypriot community[1] as well as creating a centre for the performance of ancient Greek Drama in the UK,[2] Theatro Technis organizes an annual `European Drama and Arts Festival` and hosts the London Greek Film Festival.[3]


In-house performances of ancient Greek dramas and adaptations[edit]

Lysistrata, Prometheus Unbound,[4] Oh Democracy![5] Medea (play)[6][7], Bacchae, Oedipus at Colonus, The Persians, Seven Against Thebes, The Phoenician Women , Antigone, The Frogs [8][9] Women In Parliament .[10]

The Theatro Technis` production of Medea in January 1982 directed by George Eugeniou was described as "sensitive and eloquent .... fit to stand beside the National's "Oresteia".[11][12]. To Eugeniou`s modern adaptation of Medea called `A Hole in the Heart` in January 2004 Michael Billington of The Guardian responded ` As a production, it grabs you by the cojones`.[13]

Visiting productions[edit]

Visiting productions at Theatro Technis have included foreign language performances of `La Casa de Bernada Alba` , `Le Petit Prince` ,and work by Japan`s Mugensha Theatre company who stated; " Theatro Technis booked us. The founder, George Eugeniou, is a Cypriot, so I think he was sympathetic to foreign dramatists such as us.[14], premiering of international plays like `The Siamese Twins` by Griselda Gambaro , classics from Chekov`s `The Three Sisters`and `Uncle Vanya`, Shakepeare`s `A Midsummer Night`s Dream` and `King Lear`and Moliere`s `Tartuffe`[15] to political satire like `The Madness of George Dubya`reviewed by Michael Billington of The Guardian :"Satire is all but dead on the London stage, so this show by Justin Butcher deserves the warmest of welcomes..... it had a packed house at this north London fringe theatre cheering it to the echo....what Butcher captures well is the insanity of a situation where, by making a military strike against terror, we actually increase its likelihood".[16]

Community plays[edit]

Plays devised and performed at Theatro Technis which deal with the social and political issues that touch the local Cypriot community include : One In Seven ,The Vandals are Coming, Dowry with Two White Doves, Afrodite Unbound,[17] The National Engagement,[18], A Revolutionary Nicknamed Rosevelt [19], The Best of Tofias, Contract, Hands Tied,Tied Hand, Gringland , Searching for the Lemons, The Fire Burns where it Falls ,and Two Lives and Cyprus Trilogy.[20]

Eugeniou has also promoted the work of Stavros Lilitos whose work was celebrated with the revival of his The Old Suitcase and Under the Carob Trees in 1979 at Theatro Technis performed in English and Greek language versions .[21] Don Camillo was another play performed in the Greek Language [22]

Theatro Technis alumni[edit]

Andreas Markou, Stelios Kyriacou, Andy Lysandrou, Spyros Kyprianou, Eugeniou`s wife Maroula Eugeniou,[23] Peter Polycarpou, [24]Eve Polycarpou of Martha and Eve [25] Angelique Rockas,[26] Anna Savva[27]Alkis Kritikos [28]George Savvides [29]and Jackie Skarvellis[30]


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