Theodora Angelina, Duchess of Austria

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Theodora Angelina
Theodora Angelina
Spouse(s) Leopold VI, Duke of Austria
Noble family Angelus
Born around 1180-1185
Died 22 or 23 June 1246

Theodora Angelina (died 22/23 June 1246[1]) was the wife of Leopold VI of Austria, by whom she had several children.


Birth and parentage and early life[edit]

Theodora is believed to have been born sometime around 1180/5 in Constantinople to parents whose identities are uncertain. However, it is known that one of her grandmothers was a daughter of a Byzantine Emperor.[2] As such, Theodora may have been a daughter of John Doukas (son of Andronikos Angelos)[3] or else a daughter of one of Andronikos' daughters.[1]

Marriage and later life[edit]

In 1203, Theodora married a distant cousin, Leopold VI, Duke of Austria.[4] Her husband died in 1230 and she subsequently became a nun. She died in 1246.[1]

Leopold and Theodora had seven children:

  1. Margaret, Duchess of Austria (1204 - February 28, 1266)
  2. Agnes of Austria (February 19, 1205 - August 29, 1226)
  3. Leopold of Austria (1207–1216) fell from a tree and died
  4. Henry II, Duke of Mödling (1208 - November 28, 1228)
  5. Gertrude of Austria (1210–1241)
  6. Frederick II, Duke of Austria (25 April 1211 - June 15, 1246)
  7. Constantia of Austria (April 6, 1212 - June 5, 1243)


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