This Empty Flow

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This Empty Flow
Origin Turku, Finland
Genres Gothic rock
Doom metal
Ambient music
Years active 1994–1996
Website This Empty Flow official page at
Members Jori Sjöroos
Aku-Tuomas Mattila
Jukka Sillanpää
Niko Sirkiä

This Empty Flow was formed in 1994 by Jori Sjöroos and Niko Sirkiä in Finland. At the time, they played together in a band called Thergothon. In the beginning, This Empty Flow continued the Doom metal style of their previous band, but with time they became more ambient-/wave-like.

Their debut album, Magenta Skycode, was released in 1996. They decided to disband thereafter because of the band's musical direction.

Since the split-up, there have been a few other releases. In 1999, Three Empty Boys was released and it included 4 songs of the unreleased follow-up to the debut album and 7 studio rehearsals/demos recorded in 1995-1997. A mini album called Useless and Empty Songs came out in 2000; in 2001 Nowafter, a compilation album with rare and unreleased songs, was released. Their releases are hard to find and remain cult items sought after by dark music lovers around the world.

In March 2006, Eibon Records re-released Magenta Skycode along with a bonus CD of extra tracks from around the album's time period as a 2CD titled simply The Album.

In 16th of April 2011 (Record Store Day 2011), Solina Records released This Empty Flow: Magenta Skycode 15th year anniversary vinyl edition, limited only to 500 copies.


  • Magenta Skycode - Avantgarde Music (1996)
  • Three Empty Boys - Plastic Passion (1999)
  • Useless And Empty Songs - Plastic Passion (2000)
  • The Album 2xCD - Eibon Records (2006)
  • Magenta Skycode double vinyl edition - Solina Records (2011)

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