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Origin Kaarina, Finland
Genres Funeral doom, death/doom
Years active 1989–1992
Labels Avantgarde Music, Eibon Records
Associated acts This Empty Flow
Kadotus 609
Members Niko Skorpio
Mikko Ruotsalainen
Jori Sjöroos
Past members Sami Kaveri

Thergothon was an influential Finnish doom metal band. They were one of the pioneers of the funeral doom subgenre, starting with their demo Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth (1991) and continuing their raw, depressing style with their only album, Stream from the Heavens (1994). Their sound was extremely slow and dirged along in long pieces, which combined heavy guitar riffs, extremely deep death grunts and sparse lead guitar melodies. The band disbanded two years before the release of their only album.

Niko Sirkiä and Jori Sjöroos went on to form This Empty Flow, which marked a distinct stylistic departure from Thergothon. The project began as somewhat of a shoegazer band, taking cues from groups like Slowdive, but ended up as more in the area of trip hop.

Lately Sjöroos has gained reputation for composing songs for popular Finnish pop rock act PMMP.

Niko Sirkiä currently records experimental electronic music as Niko Skorpio and runs a record label called Some Place Else.



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