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This Is Africa
Type Bi-Monthly newsmagazine
(in the UK, a registered newspaper)
Format Magazine
Owner(s) Pearson plc, via The Financial Times Ltd
Editor Adrienne Klasa
Headquarters London
Circulation 20,000

This Is Africa is an English-language bi-monthly business publication owned by The Financial Times Ltd and edited in London. It examines African business and politics in a global context and seeks to make sense of the relationships that Africa is building with the rest of the world. It aims to challenge international preconceptions about the continent and to identify the opportunities and the risks in this dynamic business environment.

This Is Africa investigates foreign policy towards Africa, tracks the rise of the African consumer and identifies investment opportunities in Africa.

According to the magazine’s 2013 media pack, the readership circulation by job description is 25% Senior Government Officials, 24% Consultants and Intermediaries, 20% C-Suite, 20% Director of Policy and 11% Institutional Investors, while the regional readership breakdown is 25% Africa, 24% Americas, 23% Europe, 18% Asia and 10% Middle East.[1]


This Is Africa focuses primarily on FDI business and political developments that impact on how Africa interacts with the wider world. It has regular sections on:

Name Description
Legal Bulletin A record of all the new and upcoming legislation that might impact on business concerns across Africa
Development a global perspective of development in Africa, including education, agriculture, healthcare and business
Policy a review of the latest government policy across Africa
Perspectives opinion pieces and interviews with leading business and political figures with an interest in Africa, for example Kofi Annan,[2] Muhammad Ali Pate,[3] Mo Ibrahim,[4] Gordon Brown,[5] Ban Ki-moon.[6]
Reports a series of in-depth reports conducted with organisations such as WEF, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA), and the Brookings Institution[7] on themes such as agriculture, development and education.


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