This Is Nat King Cole

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This Is Nat King Cole
NatKingCole ThisIsNatKingCole 300.jpg
Studio album by Nat King Cole
Released 1957
Label Capitol
Producer Arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle
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This Is Nat King Cole
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This Is Nat King Cole is an original compilation album by Nat King Cole. It was released in 1957 by Capitol Records.

Track listing[edit]

LP side A:

  1. "Dreams Can Tell A Lie"
  2. "I Just Found Out About Love"
  3. "Too Young To Go Steady"
  4. "Forgive My Heart"
  5. "Annabelle"
  6. "Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You"

LP side B:

  1. "To The Ends Of The Earth"
  2. "I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life"
  3. "Someone You Love"
  4. "Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow"
  5. "That's All"
  6. "Never Let Me Go"

Bonus tracks added to later CD re-issue:

  1. "Small Towns Are Smile Towns"
  2. "Don't Hurt the Girl"
  3. "My Flaming Heart"
  4. "United"