Thomas Creek Bridge

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Thomas Creek Bridge
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Coordinates42°09′57″N 124°21′32″W / 42.1659452°N 124.3589909°W / 42.1659452; -124.3589909Coordinates: 42°09′57″N 124°21′32″W / 42.1659452°N 124.3589909°W / 42.1659452; -124.3589909
Carries US 101
CrossesThomas Creek
LocaleCurry County, Oregon[1]
DesignWarren deck truss[1]
Total length956 ft (291 m)[1][2]
Width30 ft (9.1 m)[2]
Height345 ft (105 m)[1][3]
Longest span371 ft (113 m)[1][3]
Daily traffic4,500 (2010)[2]

Thomas Creek Bridge crosses Thomas Creek in Curry County, the U.S. state of Oregon. It is on U.S. Route 101 and lies within the boundaries of Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor.

It is a Warren deck truss designed by Ivan D. Merchant. Built in 1961, it has a length of 956 feet (291 m) total,[1][2] and a deck width of 30 feet (9.1 m).[2] The longest span is 371 feet (113 m).[1][3] The bridge is the highest bridge in Oregon, at 345 feet (105 m).[1][3]

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