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Thomas Wallace (13 April 1765 – 9 January 1847) was an Irish Liberal Party politician who sat in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Yarmouth from 1827 to 1830, from 1831 to 1835 for Drogheda and then for County Carlow.[1][2]

Wallace was a Dublin barrister. He stood unsuccessfully at Drogheda at the general elections in 1818,[3][4] 1820,[3] 1826[3] before being elected as a Tory for Yarmouth at a by-election in August 1827.[5] He held the Yarmouth seat until the 1830 general election,[6] when he did not defend the seat.[5] He contested Drogheda again in 1831,[3] before winning the seat at an unopposed by-election in October 1831.[7]

At the 1832 general election he was elected as one of the two MPs for County Carlow, and held the seat until he retired from the Commons at the 1835 general election.[8]

Wallace died at the age of 81.


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