Through the Eyes of the Law

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Through the Eyes of the Law (Ante Los Ojos De La Ley), a book by Major League Baseball pitcher Miguel Batista, is a thriller about a serial killer.[1] It was released on January 25 in the Dominican Republic and on February 10 in Puerto Rico. It has achieved success in both countries. An English edition was published on September 12, 2006 under the title The Avenger of Blood: A Plot Where Real Facts and Evidences Face Faith.

Through the Eyes of the Law (Ante Los Ojos De La Ley) develops a plot where real facts and evidences face faith, a case in which all the proofs project the truth, but question what is right when faith imposes itself. In the story, the lawyer, Samuel Escobar, and the priest, Damian, try to demonstrate that Thomas Santiago, a fourteen-year-old child, is innocent. He cannot be the serial killer the Arizona Police are looking for even if all the evidence points the contrary.


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