Tiberius Julius Rhescuporis VI

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Golden burial mask of Rhescuporis VI.

Tiberius Julius Rhescuporis VI (Greek: Τιβέριος Ἰούλιος Ῥησκούπορις Στ'; died 342) was the last ruler of the Bosporan Kingdom, a client realm of the Roman Empire. His royal title on coins is in Greek: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΡΗΣΚΟΥΠΟΡΙΔΟΣ or of King Rhescuporis. He ruled from 303 until his death in 342, and was a contemporary to the Tetrarchy and the Constantinian dynasty in Rome. Little is known of his life and reign.

Rhescuporis VI was the first-born son to the Bosporan King Theothorses; the name of his mother is unknown. He was of Thracian, Iranian and Roman ancestry, and was named in honor of Rhescuporis V, his paternal great-grandfather and a previous Bosporan King. His younger brother was prince Rhadamsades.

In 303, Rhescuporis VI became co-ruler with his father, Theothorses. When Theothorses died around 308/309, Rhescuporis VI's brother Rhadamsades succeeded their father and became co-ruler with him. During his and his brother's co-rule, various metals were used including brass to create and mint coins in the Bosporus. When Rhadamsades died in 323, Rhescuporis VI became the sole and last ruler of the Bosporan Kingdom.

The King of the Goths, Ermanaric conquered the Bosporan Kingdom, killing Rhescuporis VI and subjecting the kingdom and the citizens to his rule. Rhescuporis VI was buried in a royal tomb in Panticapaeum, the original capital city of the Bosporan Kingdom. Grave goods placed in his tomb included a golden mask and ornament plates, which are now on display at the Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Preceded by
King of the Bosporus
303-342 (with Theothorses 303-309) (with Rhadamsades 309-323)
Succeeded by
Gothic Conquest