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Temple del Sagrat Cor vist des de la Talaia del Tibidabo.JPG
Sagrat Cor church, atop the mountain
Highest point
Elevation 512 m (1,680 ft)
Coordinates 41°25′21″N 2°07′07″E / 41.42250°N 2.11861°E / 41.42250; 2.11861Coordinates: 41°25′21″N 2°07′07″E / 41.42250°N 2.11861°E / 41.42250; 2.11861
Tibidabo is located in Barcelona
Location in Barcelona
Location Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Parent range Serra de Collserola
Easiest route Tibidabo funicular railway

Tibidabo (Catalan pronunciation: [tiβiˈðaβu]) is a mountain overlooking Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. At 512 metres (1,680 ft), it is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola. Rising sharply to the north-west, it has views over the city and the surrounding coastline.[1]

Overall view of the church and amusement park

The summit of the mountain is occupied by the Sagrat Cor church and adjacent Tibidabo Amusement Park. The Torre de Collserola telecommunications tower is a short walk away. All three are prominently visible from most of the city of Barcelona. Designed by Enric Sagnier, the church took 60 years to construct and is topped by a sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Josep Miret Llopart.

The Red Aeroplane of Tibidabo

Tibidabo can be reached via the Tibidabo Funicular, which was the first of its kind in Spain, and by the Tramvia Blau or road. The Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona minibus service 111 connects it to Vallvidrera village and the upper station of the Vallvidrera funicular.[2]

Origin of name[edit]

The name derives from the Latin Vulgate Bible verses:

  • "…et dixit illi haec tibi omnia dabo si cadens adoraveris me"[3] – "And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me" (Matthew 4:9);
  • "…et ait ei tibi dabo potestatem hanc universam et gloriam illorum quia mihi tradita sunt et cui volo do illa"[4] – "All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it" (Luke 4:6).

This phrase, meaning I will give to you, was said to Jesus by the devil as they looked down from an exceedingly high mountain upon all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them. The name of Barcelona's hill thus refers to the popular tradition that it was in fact the exceedingly high mountain itself. The phrase Tibi dabo forms part of the inscription in the central dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, although in that case it was drawn from Jesus' words to St. Peter in Matthew 16:19.

Ways to get Tibidabo amusement park[edit]

There are mainly three ways to get to the amusement park.

One is by taking a bus at Plaça Catalunya, in front of a Desigual shop. This bus is the T2A, costs 3€ each and per journey, and has an end-to-end route. The timetable can be checked by visiting the next link: https://www.moventis.es/sites/moventis/files/line/files/tira_tibibus_-_catalunya_2018_web_1.pdf In case of closed streets due to any strike or whatever event, you have to walk to Balmes street, next to Ramon Llull university, in order to take the bus.

The other two ways consists in taking, firstly, one train of the following ones (L7, S1, S2) at Las Ramblas train station. For further information, check the next link: https://www.fgc.cat/en/fgc-network/line-barcelona-valles/

If you take L7, you have to get off at the last stop. After that, you have to take either 196 bus or Tramvia blau to make the last transit: Tibidabo funicular, which takes you to the amusement park.

Travelling by S1 or S2 to Peu del Funicular is the most economical route. Directly from the station, the Vallvidrera funicular to Vallvidrera Superior is included in the price of the metro ticket. Then either walk or take 111 bus to reach Tibidabo.

Apart from the mentioned ways, there are two more alternatives to make the journey from Barcelona to Tibidabo amusement park. Besides, they are likely the more expensive ones of all the options.

One is by taking a taxi (or a cab). However, it is difficult to make the journey in one the other way round, i.e., from Tibidabo to Barcelona.

The other is by driving your own car or a rent one.


A panoramic view of Barcelona from Tibidabo

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