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Tie has two principal meanings:

  • Tie (draw), a finish to a competition with identical results, particularly sports
  • Necktie, a long piece of cloth worn around the neck or shoulders

Tie or TIE may also refer to:

Engineering and technology[edit]

Enterprises and organizations[edit]




  • Tiê (born 1980), Brazilian singer-songwriter
  • Tahir Tie Domi (born 1969), Canadian retired National Hockey League player
  • Lie Tie (director) (1913–1996), Chinese film director
  • Li Tie (born 1977), Chinese retired footballer and Chinese national head coach
  • Lin Tie (1904–1989), Chinese communist revolutionary leader and politician, first Communist Party Chief and second governor of Hebei province
  • Esko Tie (1928–2002), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Wang Tie (born 1957), Chinese former politician
  • Cathy Tie (born 1996?), Chinese-Canadian bioinformatician and entrepreneur
  • Tie Xuan (1366–1402), Chinese general
  • Tie Ying (1916–2009), Chinese politician and major general
  • Tie Yinghua (born 1993), Chinese kickboxer

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