Time Traveler (1980 video game)

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Time Traveler
Time Traveler - Apple II - title screen.jpg
Title screen of the text adventure Time Traveler
(Apple II version)
Developer(s) Krell Software
Platform(s) TRS-80[citation needed], Apple II, Commodore PET[citation needed]
Release 1980[1]

Time Traveler[2][3] is a fantasy text adventure developed by Krell Software Corp. The game was released on the 16K, Level II TRS-80.


The object of the game is for a player to go back in time and obtain 14 rings, each hidden in a different era and possessing a different special power that can help the player in some way. The player then returns with them to the time machine laboratory.[4]


The game was reviewed in The Dragon #44 by Mark Herro. Herro said that his opinion of the game kept changing as he played it; he intended to evaluate the game negatively at first, but the more he played the more he found himself liking it despite its problems. As he was playing an early pre-production advance copy, he found a number of little bugs in the program. Krell Software told him they had taken care of the problems in later versions.[4]


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