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Type of site
Web portal
Created byTimmy Yu
Launched1997 July

Timway (simplified Chinese: 添达; traditional Chinese: 添達; pinyin: Tiān Dá) is a web portal and directory primarily serving Hong Kong. Its “Timway Hong Kong Search Engine” is designed for searching web sites in Hong Kong. It supports web search query in English and Chinese, and indexes web pages in both languages.[1]

First introduced to market in 1997 by Tim Yu,[2] the “Timway Hong Kong Search Engine” has immediately became popular among local individuals and corporations alike.[3] It revolutionised the online search method in Hong Kong as it was then the only hierarchical directory providing search contents in Traditional Chinese. Another breakthrough is the web sites in each category are sorted according to their popularity and freshness instead of alphabetical order.[4] Sina.com.hk used Timway in addition to Google for finding HK webpages.[5] Yahoo also cooperate with Timway for the search engine marketing business.[6] According to web traffic analysis company of Alexa, Timway is of the top ten websites in Hong Kong by 2009, ordered by popularity.[7]

Over the decades Timway continues to grow leveraging on its innovation and insights on digital search. It has now evolved into a comprehensive company that aim at providing flexible and quality hosting solutions to business and individuals.[8] Its scope now covers a range of internet services that include web hosting,[9] e-commerce,[10] web design[11], education information,[12] discussion forum and internet security.[13]


The search engine was first created by its founder Tim Yu[2] in July 1997. As an engineer and a remarkably book lover, Yu discovered that a Hong Kong-oriented search engine would be way more effective in processing massive data (in both English AND Chinese) and allow user to get the exact useful information.[4] Seeing the great potential in this area, Yu started a searchable directory in Hong Kong even earlier than Yahoo!HK,[14] which marked a milestone in the developments of HK search portal business.


  • Founded in July 1997 by Tim Yu,[2] using a former domain name of hksrch.com.
  • Registered as a Hong Kong registered company in February 1998.
  • Changed the domain name to timway.com in 1999.[3]
  • Education portal was established in 2000. A wide range of education courses are supplied. The cooperation with tens of education providers makes it an education supermarket, thus finding education courses becomes convenient.[3][15]
  • Starting from 2005, Timway appoints Professor Michael Chau as the senior technology advisor.[16]
  • By 2009, Timway is of the top ten websites in Hong Kong according to web traffic analysis company of Alexa, ranked by popularity.[7]
  • Timway ran a website called Timway Quiz before. It made use of the technology of Coldfusion for enhanced interactivity with the users.[17]
  • Few academic studies examined user information seeking behavior when using non-English search engine and Timway is one of the few contributed to this.[18]

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