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Tishbe (sometimes transliterated Thisbe)[1] was, according to tradition, the town of Listib, located 13 kilometres north of the Jabbok River. It is the birthplace of Elijah the Prophet. However, it is now thought more likely that Tishbe was located in Naphtali, (Thisbe in Tobit 1:2), because Listib is known to have been uninhabited during the time of the northern kingdom.[2]

Tishbe is located near the Wadi Chorath.

The Bible in I Kings 17:1 indicates that Elijah was from Tishbe which is in Gilead. Gilead is a region of Gad and Mannessah located east of the Jordan River. The Chorath wadi is located east of the Jordan River just north of Jabesh Gilead in the mountain regions of Gilead. Though some dispute its location, a few believe the site of Mar Elias, where there exists a Byzantine church commemorating his life is the possible location of Tishbe. But that site is not confirmed in itself. [3] The site of this next reference provides a good map of where Tishbe was located.

Tishbe as a word means "captivity".


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