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Tittsworth simile in appartment.jpg
Jesse Tittsworth smiling during a photo shoot
Background information
Birth nameJesse Tittsworth
Born (1979-02-26) February 26, 1979 (age 40)
GenresHouse, Baltimore club, moombahton, techno
Occupation(s)DJ, producer, club owner, label owner
Years active1992–present
LabelsT&A Records
Associated actsNadastrom, Diplo, Sinden, Harvard Bass

Jesse Tittsworth (born 26 February 1979), better known under his stage name Tittsworth, is an American DJ, producer, night club owner, and record label owner. He has worked with the likes of Q-Tip, Theophilus London, Pitbull, Kid Sister and more. He has been featured on MTV,[1] VIBE,[2] Pitchfork,[3] XLR8R,[4] and countless other outlets.


Tittsworth established his own record label in 2006 with partner DJ Ayres, T&A records.[5] T&A Records has played an important role in cultivating multiple movements in dance music, especially Baltimore club and moombahton. Moombahton rhythms and influences continue to be found in wide-reaching music today, starting with Spotify's most-streamed moments.[6]

Tittsworth has released over a dozen vinyl records, including Ammo's last release[7] (A-Trak's battle imprint), a highly sought after white Serato record[8] and a variety of dance records since 2005.[9]

Tittsworth's debut album was called "12 Steps.[10][11]" The LP featured Pitbull, Nina Sky, Kid Sister and The Federation to name a few. The Pitbull collaboration predated the EDM influx and gained the eye of Ministry of Sound. Follow up songs included the moombahton classic Pendejas[12] with Alvin Risk. Also with Alvin Risk (featuring Maluca) was La Campana, which appeared on FIFA 12.

In 2010 Tittsworth helped open, as co‐owner, U Street Music Hall.[13] U Hall was named as a top ten venue in the US.[14] Its sound system was ranked #2[15] and received high praise from patron and A-list DJ's alike. Tittsworth would be a critical part of the club's operations, bookings and artist liaison for the first two years. He would also DJ dozens of capacity reaching nights in its first five years.[16][17]

In 2013, Tittsworth spent most of his time on the road, touring throughout Asia,[18] playing in Nicaragua and releasing several remixes. He would sometimes average 50 cities in the span of a few months time.[19]

In 2014 Tittsworth released a single "Que Fresca"[20] with reggaeton veteran DJ Blass. His next single "After The Dance" featured Q-Tip and Theophilus London and was lauded by critics as "a timeless dancefloor motivator that would fit as well in a set with say "Rapture" as "Step Into A World".[21][22] It reached 3 overall most popular song on The Hype Machine.

Vibe named him as one of "10 Dance Music DJs Your Should Know By Now.".[23] He is no stranger to worldwide festivals, from ADE[24] to raves like Hard Day of the Dead.[25]



  • Twelve Steps (2008)

EPs and Singles[edit]

  • The Bonus (2006)
  • White Label Exclusives (2007)
  • The Afterparty (2007)
  • Broke Ass Nigga (2008)
  • WTF feat. Kid Sister & Pase Rock (2008)
  • Drunk As Fuck feat. The Federation (2009)
  • Here He Comes feat. Nina Sky & Pitbull (2009)
  • Remixes (2010)
  • Molly's Party feat. Ninjasonik (2010)
  • Two Strokes Raw (with Alvin Risk) (2011)
  • Juicy Jorts feat. Rez & Des McMahon (2012) [26]
  • Club 219 (2013) [27]
  • Give It To Dem feat. Shelco Garcia & TeenWolf (2013)
  • TNT feat. Valentino Khan (2014) [28]
  • Que Fresca feat. DJ Blass, Jowell, Polaco, & Maicol (2014) [29]
  • After The Dance feat. Q-Tip, Theophilus London, & Alison Carney (2014)[30]


  • Scanners - "Salvation (Tittsworth Remix)" (2009)
  • AC Slater - "BanGer (Tittsworth Remix)" (2009)
  • Rob Threezy - "Let's Go Ravers (Tittsworth Remix)" (2010)
  • Clicks & Whistles - "Neva Get Caught (Tittsworth Remix)" (2011)
  • Nadastrom - "Diabluma Theme (Tittsworth Remix)" (2012)
  • Breach - "Jack (Tittsworth & Alex Eljaiek Remix)" (2013)
  • Scottie B & King Tut - "African Chant (Tittsworth Remix)" (2013)


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