To Madagascar and Back

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To Madagascar and Back
EP by Flickerstick
Released 2003
Label 226

To Madagascar and Back is an EP/DVD released by Flickerstick on 226 records in 2003. It features six new songs by Flickerstick on the EP and the DVD contains an assortment of songs performed live as well as some behind the scenes footage. The live recordings on the DVD are video versions of songs from Flickerstick's Causing a Catastrophe live album.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Open up Your Eyes
  2. Girls & Pills
  3. Blue
  4. The Tourist
  5. All We Are Is Gone
  6. Miss Missing You


Six songs performed live

Behind the Scenes

  • The Van
  • The Interview
  • The Bus
  • The Bus Wreck
  • UK Tour
  • The Studio

Plus Outtakes & New LP Teaser