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Toby Crabel[1] (born 1955)[2][3] is a tennis player who is now a commodities trader. In 2005, the Financial Times called Crabel "the most well-known trader on the counter-trend side".[4] He is the fund manager of "Crabel Capital Management,"[5] which has previously ranked highly on Absolute Return magazine's list of US groups with more than $1 billion Assets under management.[6] Crabel managed 3.2 billion dollars with growth of 16.7% in 2005. Crabel has a strong record of positive returns, having avoided a single losing year between 1991 and 2002.[7]

Crabel released his book, Day Trading with Short-term Price Patterns, in 1990.[4] Crabel is still an active tennis player and as of November 2021, was ranked No.1 seeded player in 65 and over age range.[8]


Crabel attended the University of Central Florida and majored in finance.[9]

Tennis career[edit]

Since 1973 (age of 18), he has been playing professional tennis.[3] In 1978, he was ranked as 328th player.[10] He participated in Men's Double in 1980 French Open.

In May 2021, Crabel Capital, which is Cabel's company hosted a 65 over tournament competition. At the time Crabel was ranked as No. 2 seeded player in 65 and over age group.[11][12]

In November 2021, he won 65 and over single's championship held by New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club (NOLTC). At the time he was ranked as No. 1 seeded player in the 65 and over age group.[8]

Financial career[edit]

In 1975, while attending college. Crabel began to trade the markets. In the late 1980s, Crabel published a series of articles detailing various short-term price patterns for futures trading.[13] He worked as a trader for Victor Niederhoffer at his firm in New York, while also giving short-term market advice to floor traders. He left Niederhoffer Investments in 1992 to focus exclusively on managed futures trading.[citation needed] In January 1992, he started running his flagship Diversified Futures program. During 1998, he ran his hedge fund out of his house, located in a rural area northwest of Milwaukee.[1] Diversified Futures closed to new investments in 2001 and had positive returns from inception through 2006.[14]

He currently manages private client funds though Crabel Fund Ltd for non-US clients and through Crabel Fund LP for US clients. As of 2022, assets under management are $7.5Bn.[15] Crabel manages these funds with a staff of 31 researchers and 28 traders.[14]


Crabel, Toby (1990). Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout. Traders Press. ISBN 0-934380-17-1.

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