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Andres Solomon (1905 – November 3, 1952), better known by his stage name Togo, was a Filipino actor, comedian and vaudevillian, famous as one half of the comedy team Pugo and Togo during the 1930s up to 1950s.[1][2][3]

As an actor, Contreras has performed in movies such as "Kambal tuko", released in 1952, in which he portrayed Popoy, "Death March" (1946), and "Arimunding-munding" (1938).

Solomon died of a heart attack on November 3, 1952, during the filming of Dalawang Sundalong Kanin. Following Togo's death, LVN Pictures produced a short film, on the life and death of the comedian and showed it as an added featurette of the movie.


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