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Tomter is a village in the municipality of Hobøl in Østfold, Norway. Its population (2014) is 1,668. It is the largest village in Hobøl. Knapstad is the second largest and Ringvoll is the third.

Photo: 2007
Tomter Church

The village is the site of Tomter Church (Tomter kirke). The village has an elementary school, grocery store, pub, kiosk, museum, library, post office, pizza bakery and hairdresser. It also has a sports field with two football pitches, sports house and eight ski jumps.[1] Tomter has a railway station on Østre Linje, a part of the Østfold Line. The village had a gas station and a fire department earlier.

Notable People[edit]

Magnus Jøndal, professional handball player.


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Coordinates: 59°39′N 11°00′E / 59.650°N 11.000°E / 59.650; 11.000