Top Buzz

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Top Buzz
Origin North London, United Kingdom
Genres House, Breakbeat hardcore, Rave
Years active 1988-1995, 2004–present
Labels Basement Records
Members Mad P
Jason K

Top Buzz is a British DJ / MC team, which performed at rave events in the 1990s and became the world's No1 DJ and MC team.

Top Buzz was originally formed in 1988 by MC Patrick McPhee ("Mad P") and DJ Mikee B and Dj Jason Kaye. All originate from the Tottenham areas of north London, although in the 1990s they lived in Enfield.

They were of the first to popularise the darker sounds of jungle techno as it began to emerge from the hardcore rave sounds from 1991 (indeed [ band released the "Livin' in Darkness" EP on Basement Records in 1992, which encapsulates much of the flavour of the era.[1] were headline performers at Amnesia House, Fantazia, Universe, Dreamscape, and Obsession events, amongst many others.

A distinct feature was the ragga MCing of MC Patrick, strongly influenced by Jamaican dancehall. Patrick often referred to the team as "Two Blacks and a Bubble", a reference to their ethnic origins, with 'bubble' referring to Bubble and Squeak, the Cockney rhyming slang for Greek (Jason K is a Greek Cypriot).[2][3][4]

TOP BUZZ MC Mad P and DJ Jason Kaye still perform at oldskool hardcore and jungle events across Britain.

After Top Buzz[edit]

Jason Kaye has gone on to become a successful and influential producer of UK garage, with Richard "Sticky" Forbes.

Mikee B became part of UK garage outfit Dreem Teem, with a slot on BBC Radio 1 until May 2005.

Patrick is the son of Cynthia Jarrett, who died in the Broadwater Farm Estate riots in London in 1985.[5] After Top Buzz, he later spent some time in prison.[4]


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